Remote Learning Week 5

Posted by Lucara Stewart on 4/27/2020

This week, students will learn about how wind is created, with a focus on sea breezes and land breezes. Students will look into the relationship between temperature, density and air pressure and the role of the sun in convection.

Using a Nearpod lesson, students will:

  • analyze a simulation of sea and land breeze;
  • analyze an experiment on the specific heat capacities of soil and water; and
  • watch a few interactive videos on the science behind wind and cloud formation.

Students’ understanding of the lesson will be assessed via Quizizz, an on-line review game.

Students will also have optional hands-on and enrichment activities that will count as extra credit. These will give students an opportunity to:

  • watch and replicate a cool demo on convection as well as how to create a convection box out of ordinary household materials; and
  • navigate a useful website/app on winds.

An overview of the lesson, the assignments, and the links to Teams Meetings can all be found on Google Classroom for Science.