Remote Learning Week 6

Posted by Lucara Stewart on 5/4/2020

This week, students will learn about global wind systems and ocean currents. They will explore what causes these patterns in the atmosphere and hydrosphere, and how these help regulate weather and climate.

Students will watch two videos (with built-in questions) on EdPuzzle to help them understand the content. Students’ understanding of the lesson will be assessed via Quizizz, an on-line review game.

Science learners will also have optional hands-on and enrichment activities that will count as extra credit. These will give them an opportunity to:

  • explore what happens when cold water and hot water are mixed (a demonstration of convection in fluids), and to replicate this demo in their own home;
  • navigate a website showing real-time simulation of global winds and ocean currents;
  • investigate what happens with the plastic waste we generate and how these affect the oceans and the marine life in them;
  • do a scavenger hunt of single-use plastics at home, and create an action list of five things they can do to refuse, reduce, reuse, repurpose, and recycle their plastic.

An overview of the lesson, the links to the assignments to Teams Meetings can all be found on Google Classroom for Science.