**for parent reference ONLY** April 13_copy of Google Classroom Week 3

**Students will find this information (and more) via announcements and posts in their Google Classroom stream.**

 Distance Learning Overview - Week 3 (4/13-4/20)

- Khan Academy Videos: These are entirely optional, and you may only need to watch some of them. But rather than having to search topics on your own, I have “assigned” helpful videos in your Khan account that could assist with the activity.
- Also, Mr. Redstone has created the following videos if you’d like a little review over solving multi-step equations 🙂

You’ll find the assignment in the classwork section (here in Google Classroom):

-Solving Algebraic Equations Pixel Art (ONLY LEVEL 3 REQUIRED)

Levels 1 & 2 are there for skill development if you want to build up to the higher difficulty. If level 3 is too hard to start out, go do a couple problems from 1 & 2 to practice those skills first. You will need to type “x=___” when entering your answers. This is my first time using Google Sheets for an assignment, so please email me if you have technical issues.

Looking for more...?
-See last week's note about playing ProdigyMath!
-ProdigyMath not your favorite? Try the puzzles at https://solveme.edc.org/mobiles/