**for parent reference ONLY** March 30_copy of Google Classroom Week 1

**Students will find this information (and more) via announcements and posts in their Google Classroom stream.**

Week 1 Summary of Student Work and Tasks

ASSIGNMENTS DUE (by Sunday evening at 8:00 PM):
- Complete the benchmark assessment on Imagine Math (login through the HUB) if you have not already completed it.
- Complete the first pathway assigned in Imagine Math called Distance Learning I which will review solving equations (this should begin right after completing the benchmark).

- Please email me with questions about late or missing work. I am still entering the assignments collected by the sub before break, but should have all of that in GradeSpeed by mid-week.
- Please email me if you need to make up the Linear Functions Test from the last week of class.
- Finish or retry Khan Academy assignments assigned before spring break THIS WEEK.
- Feel free to contact me during office hours daily from 1:00 - 3:00. I can meet with you face to face in Microsoft Teams, with a whiteboard and all! I would love to be able to help with your questions and see your smiling faces :), so feel free to join me even if you just want to say hi. I can meet other times as well if this is not a good time for you, so just send me a quick email if we need to chat at a different time.
- Try to access your school email inbox because this will be the easiest way for me to find you and invite you to a video chat in Microsoft Teams. You might consider downloading the Microsoft Office App to your smart phone if that is a convenient option.
- And last, BUT NOT LEAST, if you have not received or completed the google form sent out by the 8B cluster please do so as soon as possible (link below). Even if you are in A or C house, this would be great info for me to have about how to contact you and what tech resources you have at home.

Thanks for all your help and patience while we figure everything out... and know that we all miss seeing you! ;)

Ms. Wells
POMS 8B Check-in and Contact Information