**for parent ref ONLY** March 27_copy of Google Classroom Welcome

**Students will find this information (and more) via announcements and posts in their Google Classroom stream.**

Welcome to our Google Classroom!
I hope all of you and your families are doing well, and I miss seeing you all. :)

Here is what you need to know for now...

Assignments for Week 1 of Distance Learning (3/31 - 4/5):

IMAGINE MATH (must login via the HUB like we do for Khan Academy, & it is mobile friendly)
1. Complete the 30 question Benchmark in Imagine Math (if you have not already completed it). You will get a grade for completing it and doing your best. Keep in mind that this information may be used to assign lessons later, so be sure to try your best and complete without help (except from a calculator). You don't want to be bored later, so be sure this benchmark represents what you know and what still needs some improvement.
2. Immediately after the benchmark is complete (or when you log in if that was already done), you will see a pathway called "Spring 2020_Distance Learning I" that must be completed by Sunday at 8 PM. There are a couple topics which are review content for ALG I, but the number of lessons could be different based on your performance (because the program will direct you to other topics if it thinks you need some help). Just know there are at least 2 lessons to work through, so keep working until the pathway is complete.

*although we are starting in Imagine Math, we will be using other software as we go... don't stress, I will be assigning you some variety once we know what technology everyone is working with. :)

Previous Assignments from Cycle 5:
If you have unfinished or undesirable grades on Khan Academy assignments, please handle that ASAP. I will be adding some other grades in GradeSpeed from the assignments I picked up this week (mostly from the time you spent with the sub before break).

Please stay in touch with me, and know that I will be available to chat with you whenever possible. All your teachers will have official office hours from 1-3 pm starting next Tuesday (meaning we are next to computer and ready to answer your questions). I will also be posting some helpful links to assist you while you complete assignments in case you need a different explanation.

Hope to talk to each of you soon!
Ms. Wells