Wonderful Words Wednesday

Posted by Marsha Whitmore on 10/26/2011 11:00:00 AM

This morning I dressed the part with my wizard robe and hat. 
I recited my latest version of my original poem "How to Find a Scary Book"! 
I hope you enjoyed it!
Where are the Scary Books?
I'm asked most every day. 
The Library shelves hold many such. 
 To find one, here's the way. 
Use the online catalog 
To search the Coop collection. 
Creepy books may be found 
In nearly every section!  
Perform yourself a keyword search,  
Now don't begin to rave! 
Title and call number you will need  
To find the books you crave! 
If you should need some help with this,
Your teacher may provide, 
Or come into the Library.  
You will not be denied.   
Finding the books you so desire
Is really very easy.  
There's nothing that should frighten you 
Nor even make you queasy.  
So come into the Library.   
The Books are waiting there. 
So many that you've never read. 
Come and get them----If you dare!