Final Exam Information

June 3, 2021 ~ From Mr. Tellez


Good Morning!


Next week is the last week of school and final exams. Attached again is the detailed finals schedule with the first page detailing the week for seniors and the second page is underclassmen finals schedule.


  • Only students who are labeled as virtual are allowed to be virtual. If you are marked as in-person you must attend finals in person.


  • Seniors do not forget you are on a different schedule with different activities throughout the week.


  • Attendance counts! Teachers have been asked to have some form of online check-in for students who are not in person and not taking the final.


  • Turn in your laptop, case, strap, charger, and hot spot (if you have one) as soon as you no longer need them for finals. ALL technology must be turned in for seniors by Thursday and for underclassmen before you leave Friday. Underclassmen who are virtual may also drop technology off on Monday, June 14th between 10 am and 12 pm.


 Finals Schedule