November 5, 2020


Kinder HSPVA Parents,

We have received a report of a confirmed positive case of COVID-19 on our campus. The student last attended classes at HSPVA on Wednesday, October 28th. Based on contact tracing, Nurse Jordan has contacted any student or staff who came in contact with the student. Another student reported a confirmed positive case this morning and Nurse Jordan is working with the parents and teachers to do contact tracing and connect with anyone who might have been exposed. That student was last on campus on Monday, November 2nd. Please be advised that our school will remain open. HISD Health and Medical Services, in consultation with the Houston Health Department, evaluates all the evidence and the totality of the circumstances in alignment with CDC guidelines to determine whether the campus should be closed on a case by case basis.

As a precautionary measure, our campus is deep cleaned and disinfected each evening after everyone leaves camps as outlined in the HISD Communicable Disease Plan. All HISD schools and facilities are disinfected nightly with electrostatic foggers — powerful disinfection tools that use static to eliminate germs on contact. This process began on every HISD campus this week and will continue even when no cases are suspected or confirmed.

Our school nurse will always notify any student or staff member who is believed to have been exposed to COVID-19 as soon as possible. If you have questions for our nurse, she can be reached at

As I shared last week with our first confirmed case at HSPVA, we continue to navigate this pandemic together. Please know that we remain focused on two key priorities — providing our students with a high-quality education and ensuring the safety of both our students and staff. All decisions are made with those two priorities in mind.

I appreciate your continued patience and support. For more information about COVID cases in HISD, visit the COVID-19 Dashboard at



R. Scott Allen, Ed.D.  


Kinder HSPVA


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