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We are on the home stretch of your senior year! Just a couple more months until graduation. Just a few reminders from the College Center.

  1. Offer Letters/Acceptance Letters- Please continue to drop your offers (grants, scholarships) from each college. Please drop the letters in this drive: We need ALL colleges, even the colleges you don’t plan to attend. Also, if you know which college you will be attending, please let us know.
  2. FAFSA- If you still need to submit your FAFSA, we are here to help. If you are planning to attend any college… you could be missing out on free money!
  3. Applications- Many colleges still have late deadlines, so there is still time to apply!
  4. Scholarships- Apply- Apply- Apply!  Check the HUB, emails, website and senior newsletter for updated scholarships!
  5. Open Advising Hours- Monday 11am, Wednesday 5pm, Friday 11am.


Senior Newsletter:

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