Technology Systems to Support Continuity of Learning


Office 365

Microsoft Teams



Digital Resources

OnTrack & Renaissance

HISD Connect


 Access HISD Email & Communicate with Teachers


Access Online Office Suite


Access & Save Documents to One Drive


Attend Live Class Meetings


Communicate with Teachers

Access and Turn in Class Assignments


Access Instructional and Content Resources


Access Digital Resources

Access & Save Documents to Google Drive


Collaborate with Classmates for Team Projects

Access Digital Textbooks & Ancillary Resources

Access Classroom & District Assignments


Access Report & TEKS Performance for Instant Feedback

Access School Calendars & Class Schedules


Monitor Grades


Access HISD email and communicate with campus administration


Access Online Office Suite


Access and Save Documents on One Drive

Create Teams Classes


Conduct Live Class Meetings


Communicate with Students

Share instructional resources with students


Create assignments


Monitor student progress


Access & Save Documents to Google Drive


Create Shared Drives for Department Collaboration



Create & Assign Assignments from Digital Textbooks


Create Flipped Lessons w/ Resources EdPuzzle, Screencastify, Loom, Blendspace


Create or Assign Assignments from Campus or District Level Analyze Reports for Data Driven Instruction & Monitor Student Progress

Input Grades & Attendance



Ability to Provide Students with Support



Participate in Team Meetings & Teams Live Events


Ability to Provide Students with Support

Ability to Provide Students with Support

Ability to Provide Students with Support

Access Data to Provide Students with Support

Access Students Grades & Attendance


Office 365

HISD teachers and students have access to Office 365 for Education. It is an online, cloud-based suite that offers communication and productivity tools such as Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, and OneDrive.

Use: Office 365 applications can be used for accessing email through Outlook and using the online versions of Microsoft products (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote & OneDrive). You can also access Microsoft Teams online for online meetings and classes.


Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a digital platform that offers virtual communication and collaboration between students and teachers. Students can be provided with continued support and enhanced learning experience through conversations, video and audio meetings, and live events.

Use: Microsoft Teams will be used as the District’s platform for student communication. By Microsoft Teams, teachers will be able to provide virtual instruction, continued student support, and other communicative needs of students.


The HUB (it’sLearning)

The HUB, also known as itslearning, is the district’s learning management system. The platform provides access to multiple digital resources to personalize instruction through digital lesson plans created by teachers and the curriculum department. Teachers can use the platform to create and grade assignments and share resources with colleagues and students.

Use: The HUB allows students 24-7 access to instructional material, coursework, and digital textbooks from any device and demonstrates mastery of a subject. Students can submit their assignments and projects, collaborate, and communicate with their classmates, and create blogs, discussion boards, and ePortfolios.



GSuite is a cloud-based application that makes learning accessible anywhere with internet access. All HISD personnel and students have Google accounts that are managed by Houston ISD and accessed by using their district credentials and network password. Teachers and students have the GSuite for education which gives them access to Google Slides, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Forms, Google Sites, Chrome Sync, Google Drive, and Google Drawings.

Use: G-Suite can be used to collaborate, create, and edit files in real-time. It provides students with collaborative workspaces and access to an online storage system that can be shared and accessed across multiple devices.


Digital Resources Page

HISD provides a variety of educational resources for students to access. The collection of resources is district approved tools and applications that include textbooks, content-specific applications, online reading libraries, and formative and summative assessment tools. Refer to Appendix A for digital resources available.

Use: Students and teachers can gain access to the education material needed for their specific class. Students can also access assessment tools such as Ontrack and Renaissance as well as check out books from MackinVia and MyOn.




HISD Connect Parent Portal

HISD Connect Parent Portal is an online service that allows registered users (i.e., parents and students) to log in to access a variety of student information, see class assignments and school calendars, and even communicate electronically with teachers.

Use: Users can also choose to have an e-mail or text message sent if a child's grades drop below a selected average or is absent or tardy to class.

Information that HISD Connect Parent Portal provides access to includes:

  • Period and Daily Attendance
  • Class Schedules and Assignments
  • Progress Reports
  • Report Cards


Parent and Student Resources

Where to get support:    HISD Technology Service Desk

Phone: 713-892-7378