Live Enrichment Classes Start September 14th

Dragon Families-

Live Enrichment Classes Start this week. Link to the daily schedule is here

Links to Live Classes are shared in the grade level files attached below. below.

Daily Enrichment Schedule:

PK=12:05 PM   (Join PK Enrichment Classes here)

Kindergarten= 12:30 PM  (Join Kindergarten Enrichment Classes here)

3rd Grade= 12:55 PM (Join 3rd Grade Enrichment Classes here)

1st Grade= 1:20 PM (Join 1st Grade Enrichment Classes here)

4th Grade= 1:45 PM (Join 4th Grade Enrichment Classes here)

2nd Grade= 2:10 PM (Join 2nd Grade Enrichment Classes here)

5th Grade= 2:35 PM (Join 5th Grade Enrichment Classes here)


Enrichment Class Rotation


Tuesday= Science Lab

Wednesday=Media Center


Friday= Mandarin