Program Expectations



·         Grade PK-5, maintain a grade of at least 70 in all core and magnet classes during each grading cycle

·         Grade 6-12, maintain an individual class average of 75 or higher in all core classes and an average of 80 or higher in all magnet classes



·         Maintain regular attendance in accordance with school and Magnet policy

·         Refrain from excessive tardiness in accordance with school and Magnet policy

·         Respect school rules concerning the timely drop-off and pick-up of students



·         Adhere to the HISD Student Code of Conduct and maintain a conduct grade of ‘S’ or higher



·         Meet other expectations as defined by the individual program and relevant to that program

Students who either do not meet these program expectations or whose parents do not meet program expectations are placed on an HISD Magnet Growth Plan for a minimum of one grading cycle. The growth plan is intended to help students and parents successfully meet program expectations. A growth plan committee comprised of campus professionals will evaluate progress on this plan at the end of the specified time period. The growth plan is reviewed each grading cycle that it remains in place, and it is used to determine if the student should continue in the magnet program the following school year.



·               A magnet transfer is a one-year commitment. A recommendation from the growth plan committee could result in a student losing his or her place in this magnet program at the end of the year and returning to their zoned or another choice school at the beginning of the next school year.

·               Students cannot be placed in the regular educational program on the same campus where they have a magnet transfer.

·               All students are limited to a single transfer each school year.

·              Should the child choose to leave the program voluntarily before the end of the school year, he or she may return only to their zoned campus. A voluntary exit form must be completed if a student withdraws from the program before the end of the year.