MLCPA Uniform Update

Hello Parents! 

We are few days closer to the start of the new school year and I wanted to be sure you received our updated uniform guidelines and requirements. One big change this year, is the return of the MLCPA School Blazer. The MLCPA school blazer fosters a sense of unity and identity within the school community, promoting a professional and cohesive appearance. Donning the MLCPA school blazer boosts confidence and self-esteem, as our young men project a polished image that reflects their commitment to both their education and personal growth.  MLCPA School Blazers are on sell now, so purchase your son's as soon as possible.   


The MLCPA School Pay link is active! So, if you pre-ordered your son's uniform items (neckties, cardigan, sweater vest, etc.) during our New Knights Orientation in June, you may now login to and pay for those items. If you are a returning student and need to order some uniform items you may also login to order and prepay for your uniform items too. 


Please review the following uniform guidelines and reach out if you have questions or concerns. 


Thank you! 


Dr. Crook


MLCPA School 2023-24 Uniform Guidelines:

  • Outerwear:
    • Students are required to wear a school issued blazers every Monday beginning October 2, 2023. 
      • If you need to purchase a blazer please contact the MLCPA PTO at 
    • Tuesday - Thursday students are required to wear an MLCPA sweater vest, pullover, or cardigan.
    • Friday - On Friday we all wear our MLCPA spirit shirts, jeans or (khakis) and tennis shoes.
      • MLCPA spirit shirts will be sold for $20 at our Student Orientation on August 17. Please bring cash to purchase.  
  • Neckties:
    • High schoolers may wear school issued green and blue striped necktie or bowtie. 
    • Middle schoolers may wear school issued green necktie
  • Pants:
    • Khaki dress pants only. 
    • No cargo style pants and with no elastic band at the bottom of the pant legs.
    • On days where jeans are allowed, they must be one solid blue color (light, medium, or dark wash blue jeans).
      • No tears, rips, or frays, and only blue jean patches (no “stacked” jeans)
  • Shirt colors and types:
    • Middle School:  White button-down shirt (short or long sleeve)
    • High School: Light Blue button-down shirt (short or long sleeve)
      • No polos allowed.
  • Shoes:
    • Dress shoes, boat shoes, and cowboy boots
    • Tennis shoes and sneakers on Friday only.
  • Belts: 
    • Brown or Black/Leather or Canvas
  • Socks: 
    • Color optional - student choice! 
  • The No's.
    • No pull-over hoodies or zip-up hoodies
    • No slides, no shoes that are completely foam/rubber (example – Crocs, Yeezy Foam RNNR or off-brand versions)
    • No hats or beanies
    • No sunglasses
      • It is imperative you review this list of prohibited items with your son.  If he is caught wearing any of these items, the items will be confiscated and held in the main office for the young man's parents to pick up.