How to request a HAIS Student ID

Posted by Christopher Hernandez on 8/22/2022

Good afternoon HAIS students!

To help a few of the uninformed, I've decided to post here exactly what you'll need to do to request a student ID card.


Step 1: Contact Mr. Hernandez via email! Despite appearances, HAIS staff are not capable of mind reading yet, so we don't know if you need an ID.

Step 2: Once you've recieved a reply....Take an approved photo! 

The requirements for an approved ID photo are as follows:

Must be taken with a blank background

No mask, hats, or hoods.

No selfies (No filters)

Can only be shoulders and above.

Must be a RECENT photo.

Step 3: Write in your name, HISD S number, and HCC W number!

Step 4: Email all of the above to Mr. Hernandez,and wait to be notified that your ID has been printed,