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Ms. Jenkins



Meet the Showstoppers




Tayler Jenkins, Director


Ms. Jenkins is the current director of the 2021-2022 Showstoppers Dance Team. Ms. Jenkins began dancing at the age of 8 and continued to dance in High School for three years and served in the role of Co-Captain her senior year. She is an alumna of Texas State University where she majored in Dance with an emphasis on Performance and Choreography. This is Ms. Jenkins’ first year teaching in public education, and she is excited to embark on this new journey alongside her dance team girls as they work to further the already well-established legacy of the Showstoppers.


2021-2022 Showstoppers Dance Team


Heidi Melgar - Captain


Samantha Lawrence - Co-Captain


Leviticus Guerra - Senior Lieutenant


Alexis Amos


Emily Garcia


Skyla Lazard


Kasey LeBlanc


Cecilia Rojas 



The Showstoppers dance team is comprised of technically sound and academically adept individuals with a passion for dance. Showstoppers’ Dance Team offers technical training in a wide variety of dance styles ranging from Jazz, Pom, Contemporary, Majorette, and more. Members of the Showstoppers Dance Team are held to high technical and moral standards. Through Showstoppers, our goal is to equip all members with the skills necessary to excel in all pursuits both related and unrelated to the realm of dance.


Results will be posted on the official Showstoppers Instagram page: @SHSSHOWSTOPPERS