First Few Weeks

Posted by Sarah Honore on 9/1/2022

We have accomplished a lot in these first few weeks of school! We have learned how to navigate resources like Canvas, OneNote, and Jamboard, which we will use throughout the year to organize our learning. 

Students have also done quite a bit of writing--spine poems and analytical paragraphs and lots of quickwrites. While most of the work we have done at this point in the year has been "low-stakes"--that is, low-pressure and student-guided--we are building to higher-level thinking and writing. 

Next week, we will be starting our first real unit. Both English I and Reading will be starting a survival unit. We'll be talking about the qualities necessary to survive, the various situations in which survival is necessary, and what we are willing to do in order to survive. We'll be talking about natural disasters, tough personal situations, zombies, and more!