National Banned Books Week

Posted by Sarah Honore on 9/20/2022

This is National Banned Books Week! Book challenges and bans have been more and more frequent across the country in recent months. Many of these challenges have centered around books that feature (or are written by) people of color, LGBTQIA+ individuals, profanity or situations that are considered to be inappropriate for middle school students and teens, books that are thought to promote anti-police messaging, etc. 

Before we launched independent reading this year, we discussed that not every book is right for every student and every family. Students are encouraged to find a book that's right for them and aligns with what they would like to read and learn about, since we have such a diverse array of learners. I encourage parents to have conversations with students about what they are choosing to read and what they like or dislike about their book so far. Keeping conversations open is one way to keep our library accessible to everyone! 

To learn more about Banned Books Week, see the link below: