HISD Campuses Celebrate the 100th Day of School

Arts, crafts, and fun math games are part of the festivities

January 31, 2012

HISD students and teachers created crafts and worked on fun math problems in celebration of the 100th day of school Tuesday, Jan. 31.

"Since the start of the school year, teachers and students across the district have been counting the number of days they have been in school in search of existing patterns while building number sense," HISD Elementary Curriculum Department, Math Manager Dana Enriquez-Vontoure said. "As we have reached the important number of 100 today, students and teachers are showcasing their understanding of the number of 100 through exciting projects and activities."

Helms Elementary School participated in the celebration.

"Every morning, our students count how many days they have been in school and have been anxiously waiting for the 100th day of school to arrive," Helms Elementary Principal Diana Del Pilar said. "We are looking forward to cheering on our students as they march the hallways showing off their 100th day of school T-shirts and posters during our Helms 100th Day of School Parade."

Students at Windsor Village Elementary said they enjoyed the day's festivities.

"I am excited about the 100th day because we get to learn new things about the number 100 and a lot of new ways to make the number 100," said Windsor Village Student Jacovia Young. "You can make 100 using tally marks, multiplication, subtraction and addition."

Windsor Village Principal Diana Gibson-Johnson said marking the school year's 100th day was significant.

"This day is important because students are celebrating learning at least 100 new things this school year," she said. "And they are 100 days closer to the career of their choice."

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