Winning Teams Emerge in Name that Book Competition

Students in grades K-12 compete in annual Library Services contest to promote reading across district

April 16, 2012

Avid movie buffs can quickly identify quotes from popular movies - but can avid readers do the same with books?

That's just what HISD students were asked to do as part of the district's "Name that Book" competition. The annual contest is sponsored by the HISD Library Services Department, which has been holding finalist rounds over the past several months.

The competition is divided into four levels: lower elementary, upper elementary, middle school, and high school. Students at each campus who joined their school's "Name That Book" team started preparing for the spring competition in August, reading 30 or more books that included everything from classics to new fiction and non-fiction.

This year, 196 teams competed in preliminary contests held during early 2012, where groups of five or six students listened intently for quotes to be read and then wrote their answers on a dry erase board in 45 seconds or less. The teams with the most answers correct out of 25 quotes advanced to the finals, where they were challenged with 25 new quotes.

Finalist rounds for all four levels were held throughout the months of March and April to determine the winning teams. All first, second, and third place teams received medals and certificates of participation. Winners at the middle and high school level also received trophies and gift cards.

The "Name That Book" winners for 2012 are:

Lower Elementary Winners

1st – Red, West University, Kolter, Roberts, Bush, Horn, Askew, MacGregor

2nd – Neff, T. H. Rogers, Briargrove, Condit, Poe, Twain, Walnut Bend, Scroggins

3rd – Herod, Oak Forest, Harvard, Helms, Dodson, White, Eliot, Almeda

Upper Elementary Winners

1st – Lovett

2nd – T.H. Rogers

3rd – Bush

Middle School Winners

1st– Lanier

2nd –Welch

3rd – E-Stem Academy West

High School Winners

1st – HSPVA

2nd – Bellaire

3rd – Milby