Three Letters Make Your School Marquee Complete: PTA

Learn more about the Parent Teacher Association’s history, and how you can join!

April 18, 2011
“PTA”—most everyone knows what it means. It’s the Parent Teacher Association. But many do not know what it does and how its existence has evolved from very humble beginnings in 1909. A young mom named Ella Caruthers Porter started a Mother’s Club in a small central Texas town.

The Mother’s Club, now known as Texas PTA and headquartered in Austin, has become the oldest and largest child advocacy association in Texas, and the second largest in the nation. Hot meals in schools, all-day kindergarten, and the 2009 addition of basic school supplies as part of the annual tax free holiday are just three of many legislative milestones in Texas PTA’s impressive history.

HISD is one of many school districts in the Lone Star State that chooses PTA for family engagement. In 2011, PTA is definitely not a group of cookie-baking, stay-at-home-only room moms. PTA today is made up of moms, dads, grandparents, guardians, teachers and community members who are passionate about public education and want to make a difference in the lives of Texas students.

As sufficient public education funding is challenged, PTA is not only the voice for every child, but also the eyes, ears, and voice for superintendents, principals, and teachers “under the dome” in Austin. So when asked what the difference is between PTA and other groups, the answer is easy. PTA is the perfect choice for a local campus, with a network of resources, programs, and support. And, PTA goes beyond the local campus to make an impact on the future of public education for not just some, but every student in Texas.

Here are some other reasons why PTA is frequently chosen for family engagement on campuses:
  • Ready. Set. Achieve!—free parent education programs on “real” issues affecting families
  • Reflections—a unique opportunity for students to express artistic creativity
  • One World Challenge—an innovative program educating youth on the importance of being good stewards of our plane
  • Scholarships—financial support for graduating seniors and faculty who are continuing their education
  • Learning and Networking—multiple events, such as the annual convention (Houston in February 2012) and Summer Leadership Seminar (Austin in 2011 and Houston in July 2013)
  • Legislative Action—major presence during biannual legislative sessions with priorities that make a difference for Texas teachers and students
  • Support—a network of trained and knowledgeable volunteers and staff, available to answer questions and give guidance promptly and with confidence
  • Materials and Resources—readily available print and online documents so that PTAs don’t need to reinvent the wheel in effectively running and managing a nonprofit association

Now is the time to plan for your next school year! Contact Texas PTA to talk about how we can help you make an even greater difference on your campus. Call 800-TALK-PTA, extension 221, and let our Member Services team guide you through the steps necessary to begin the next school year, not just ordinarily, but extraordinarily!