Teacher Appraisal and Development System Wins Initial Approval

Board of Education also approves more personnel cuts and an increase in school lunch prices

April 15, 2011
The HISD Board of Education gave initial approval on April 14 for a more fair and meaningful appraisal and professional development system for teachers. (Learn more about it at the Effective Teachers Initiative website and or read the agenda item (.pdf) here.)

The new system makes several major upgrades to the district’s current, 20-year-old appraisal system, ensuring that all teachers will receive the regular, valuable feedback on their performance that they deserve as professionals, as well as individualized support that will help them serve their students more effectively.

Trustees are expected to vote on whether to give final approval to the new system on May 12.

The board also approved proposals for additional layoffs and an increase in the price of school lunches, due to rising food costs.