Board Discusses Proposal for Better Teacher Appraisal and Development System

New system gives teachers regular feedback and takes student performance into account

April 07, 2011
The HISD Board of Education discussed the final proposal for a more fair and meaningful appraisal and development system for teachers during a meeting on April 7.

The proposed system would make several major improvements to the district’s current, 20-year-old appraisal system. It would ensure that all teachers receive the regular, valuable feedback on their performance that they deserve as professionals, as well as individualized support that helps them serve their students more effectively. It would rate teachers based on multiple measures in three major categories—including Student Performance—rather than relying on the results of a single subjective classroom observation, as the current system does.

The proposal is the result of a six-month design process that involved thousands of HISD teachers, school administrators, parents and community members. Several teachers and principals who helped lead the design process presented the proposed new system to the Board.

“This process is an exemplary example of collaboration,” said Trustee Michael Lunceford. “I’ve talked to teachers, principals and parents who were involved, and everyone felt engaged. They thought the process was transparent and really well done.”

The design of the new appraisal system is the first step in HISD’s Effective Teachers Initiative — part of the district’s larger Strategic Direction — which aims to put an effective teacher in every classroom by transforming the way the district recruits, develops, and retains its teachers.