HISD Celebrates Twenty-First Year of Project Safe Start

Ministers and area police officers to provide added security as the school year ends

June 01, 2011

HISD began its twenty-first year of helping kids transition smoothly into their summer break on May 31, when Board of Education President Paula Harris and HISD Police Chief Jimmy Dotson conducted a joint press conference with other community leaders to launch this year’s Project Safe Start.

The program has been recognized nationally for its success in keeping Houston’s youth safe as they start their summer vacation. It deploys police officers and ministers from Ministers Against Crime and the Police and Clergy Team to targeted school campuses throughout Houston on the last few days of the school year. This joint effort provides an added measure of security for both students and staff by preventing students from attempting to “settle up” their differences with other classmates as the regular academic year concludes.

“Sometimes all a kid needs is a little encouragement to do the right thing and not get involved in a bad situation,” says Cullen Baptist Church Pastor Robert Jefferson, who has been involved with the program since its inception.

Read the full press release (.pdf).