National Academic Awards Programs Recognize Dozens of HISD Students

Class of 2011 has a total of 67 students honored for their outstanding academic performance

July 13, 2011

More than five dozen students from HISD’s Class of 2011 were recognized this year through various merit programs for their exemplary academic performance.

The seniors came from 11 different campuses and earned distinction through three different programs: the National Achievement Scholarship Program, created in 1964 to assist outstanding African-American students; the National Hispanic Recognition Program, established in 1994 to identify academically outstanding students of Hispanic descent; and the National Merit Scholarship Program, which selects finalists from seniors who score the highest in each state on the PSAT/NMSQT.

With the National Merit Scholarship Corporation’s fourth—and final—announcement of winners on July 11, HISD’s Class of 2011 now boasts a total of 34 National Merit Scholars, 29 National Hispanic Recognition Program honorees, and four National Achievement Scholarship winners. Students recognized through the National Achievement and National Merit programs receive college scholarships ranging from $500 to $10,000, some of which are renewable for up to four years.

The Class of 2011 honorees are listed below.

National Merit Scholars
Bellaire HS
  • Sara Balabanlilar
  • Gutanjali Bhattacharjee
  • Jack Boynan
  • Lin Boynton
  • Emma Breen
  • Walter Chang
  • Adam Dyer
  • Luther Fan Vivian Huang
  • Edwin Lee
  • Samantha Maher
  • Matthew Michaelides
  • Julie Strickland
Carnegie HS
  • Priscilla Aceves
  • Kellyn Conant
  • Christina Fong
  • Francis MacInnis
  • Kelly Maset
  • Mary Lynne Saade
Challenge Early College HS
  • John M. Wiggins-Goff
DeBakey HS
  • Sahifah Ansari
  • Sally Huang
  • Tea Roh
  • Nancy Shenoi
  • John Raffles Durbin
  • Margaret Winchell
Lamar HS
  • Marie Chatfield
  • Nelson Chen
  • Alexander Hoyer
  • Anne Ratnoff
  • Daniel Rauch
Lee HS
  • Nina Garcia
Reagan HS
  • Hector Alvarenga
Westside HS
  • Sandy Qi
National Achievement Award
Carnegie HS
  • Dicarlos Davis
  • Elisabeth Massey
Lamar HS
  • Michael Tekie
  • Marcus Mitchell
National Hispanic Recognition Program
Carnegie HS
  • Priscilla Aceves
  • Micaela Marini-Higgs
  • Victoria Solorio
DeBakey HS
  • Mario Baidon
  • Cesar Banda
  • Eric Bauerdekanter
  • Francisco Galdos
  • Vanessa Romano
  • Andrea Siso
  • Edgar Soto
  • Annalisa Torres
East Early College HS
  • Jose Gonzalez
  • Lesly Saenz
  • Christian Amador
  • Allison Villarreal
Lamar HS
  • Brit Byrd Sydney Hester
  • Leah Hoffpauir
  • Jacqueline Laguarta Clarissa Murra
  • Daniel Rocha
  • Leslie Sullivan
  • Rebekah Wiles
Reagan HS
  • Hector Alvarenga
  • Ernesto Bosquez
Washington HS
  • Marley Saldivar-Rojas
  • Sydney Hester
Westside HS
  • Alexander Carrejo
  • Luis Cartagenova
  • Garth Ornelas