Seven New Police Sergeants Sworn in at HISD

July 7 ceremony marks the first time district has promoted so many corporals at once

July 11, 2011
Robert Barbosa’s son (left) pins a medal denoting the rank of sergeant to his father’s chest during a promotion ceremony held at HISD Police Department headquarters on July 7.

HISD Police Chief Jimmy Dotson swore in seven new sergeants—a record for the district—during a special ceremony held at the HISD Police Department on July 7.

The corporals were promoted to the rank of sergeant as part of a departmental reorganization that saved $614,568 from the department’s 2011–2012 budget.

“Our reorganized command structure will be more responsive, efficient, and cost-effective,” said HISD Police Chief Jimmy Dotson. “I am very proud of these seven officers. They have worked hard to meet the stringent standards required to be promoted to the rank of sergeant.”

The new sergeants are: Robert Barbosa, Aloysius Cook, Melva DeAnda, Richard Morris, Raymond Peña, Janice Reeves, and Reuben Wilson.

Under the previous command structure, school and patrol officers were supervised by both corporals and sergeants. Under the reorganized structure, those officers will now report to sergeants and the rank of corporal will no longer exist.

The HISD Police Department is the only school district police department in the country to earn accreditation from the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies.