Dress Code


Student Dress Code

Uniform Policy

The fundamental reasons for the John E. Codwell Elementary Dress Code are to:

1. Ensure the health and safety of everyone in the learning community.

2. Foster a positive, orderly school climate for optimal academic success.

3. Avoid any unacceptable disruptions to the learning environment.

4. Expose student to appropriate dress habits.


Scholars must wear Gold (PreK – 2nd) or Navy (3rd - 5th) collared (polo style) shirts

All shirts must be worn tucked into bottoms

Shirts must cover the shoulder blades, chest back and naval areas of the body.

Students are allowed to wear the school sprit-shirt or college/university shirt with jeans on Fridays


School shirts with the Codwell logo are available for purchase.


Boys- may wear khaki bottoms

Girls- may wear khaki bottoms skirts, jumpers, and skorts (solid only)

Girls -may also wear khaki pants/skirts (All skirts must be 2 inches above the knees)

All bottoms must be secured with a belt (no sagging)

Friday Attire:

Students are allowed to wear blue jeans pants with a Codwell or College t-shirt.

Please note, jeans are to be worn on Fridays only.

Head Coverings:

Hair must be neatly combed and clean in appearance. The following hair grooming items are

prohibited: metal rakes, combs, brushes, wrap scarves, bandanas, wave caps and alike.

Hats are not allowed to be worn in the building.


The hoods of jackets or pullovers cannot be worn inside of the building/classroom

Jackets should be open and allow the school uniform to be visible. No pullover or sweatshirts are


Zip up sweaters and jackets only.


All shoes must be closed toe and back

No flip flops or sandals



P a g e


Expensive or irreplaceable jewelry should not be worn

Jewelry depicting or making references to drugs, alcohol, or vulgar/obscene language may not be


Body art or piercing should not be exposed; boys are not permitted to wear earrings.

Scholars who are not dressed according to the mandatory dress policy, parents will be contacted to bring a

change of clothes for the students. More than 3 documented dress code violations will result in a