Senior Check-Out and Graduation Information

Thursday, May 30th                      Senior Checkout 8:30-11:00
                                                            A-L     Cafeteria
                                                            M-Z     Gym
Friday, May 31st                            Senior Checkout 8:30-11:00
                                                            A-L     Gym
                                                            M-Z     Cafeteria
You must come to the designated location above within your allotted time.  You will not be allowed to check out early.  You must attend check-out on both days and sign in both days. 
Senior Checkout sheets will be distributed by your English or Grad Lab teacher starting May 20th.  Seniors should be taking care of any remaining fines and fees.  No senior will be allowed to participate in commencement without going through the check-out process.
Saturday, June 8th            GRADUATION DAY
                                     9:00 AM in NRG Stadium                                                                                           
Seniors will report at 7:30 AM  
Graduation is an optional activity.  If you choose to participate, proper attire must be worn.  Proper attire is:
  1. The mortarboard (cap) should sit FLAT on the head, not tilted at an angle. All hairstyles should allow the mortarboard to sit correctly on the head. A decorated mortarboard (cap) is not allowed and will be confiscated upon entry. 
  2. Gentlemen must wear a collared shirt, with a tie, dark slacks and dress shoes.  Dark shoes are best.
  3. Young ladies should wear dresses, skirts, or dress slacks. Please avoid high heels.  They can be a hazard on the ramps as ladies walk across the stage.  Also, there is a lot of walking so comfortable shoes are preferred.
  4. Jeans, shorts, flip-flops, and tennis shoes of any kind are not acceptable.  If you wear these items, you will not be permitted to participate in graduation exercises.
  5. No electronics of any kind will be permitted in the stage area. Seniors will be screened for them before entry.
Family and friends will be admitted for seating at 7:30 AM in NRG Stadium.  Early arrival is advised to ensure best seating.  No one may block off seats for guests arriving later.  There are no tickets needed for graduation.  Handicap seating is available; please check with a representative upon entering for assistance.  Metal detectors will be used for everyone’s safety. 
No balloons, banners, air horns or items that distract from the ceremony will be allowed.  Security will confiscate these items.  This is a solemn and dignified event, and we ask that all families be respectful and attentive as each student graduates. 
All graduates must leave cameras, purses, cell phones and other personal items outside or with family members.  Graduates may bring only their cap and gown into the stadium with them.  Caps and gowns must be carried through the security checkpoint and may not be worn as they enter the facility.  All Graduates must stay for the entire ceremony. 
Other Information:
Still photos will be taken by Flash Photography, 3001 South University, 
Ft. Worth, TX  76109.  Their phone number is 1.800.410.8070.  A proof will be sent by the company after graduation to the graduate’s home.  You may order your photos directly from Flash Photography.
Letter to Parents Regarding Security at Graduation:
Please click the following link to obtain information about graduation security.