LHS Alumni Association - BIG RED 1000

In 2012, the citizens of Houston voted to approve the $2 billion Bond Issue proposed by HISD   to rebuild or remodel each of the 27 high schools in its district. Each school was invited to create a committee of parents, teachers, alumni, and the principal, to choose what they wanted to do with their school. Lamar’s team chose to add a new wing and to redo all the sports fields. The committee then spent one year with Perkins and Will, the selected architects, to create the design. After the design was approved by HISD, contractors bid on the project, and Gilbane Construction Company was selected to build the new Lamar wing. A temporary hold was placed on the project for two years due to the estimated construction costs, but the project finally began in 2016 with an estimated bid of $108 million.
Even though $108 million is a very generous number, it was not enough to cover all the costs associated with the committee’s desire for all the improvements needed for Lamar. The Lamar High School Alumni Association offered to help raise additional funds by sponsoring a Capital Campaign. This campaign was designed to raise the funds needed to 1) cover the cost for upgrading the five new playing fields that would be built behind the original building (after three older facilities were removed), 2) cover the cost of certain elements within the buildings that were not covered by the Bond Funds, and 3) to create a fund for college scholarships for graduating seniors.
The first major donation of $1 million dollars came almost immediately from Doug Pitcock, a 1945 graduate, who wanted his gift to be used for college scholarships. Shortly thereafter, Lynnette and David Mafrige pledged $2 million, the first million to be used to create a turf field for the new football field which would be named after the football coaches, and the second million to name the overall Sports Complex. David is a 1981 graduate and Lynnette was the PTO President for 2009-2010. Their two children, Sydney Mafrige, Class of 2008, and Zack Mafrige, Class of 2012 are also Lamar graduates. Then Brian Orakpo and Brandon LaFell each pledged $100,000 to create a state-of-the art weight room. Other alumni followed with gifts of $10,000, $25,000 and $50,000 to help support this campaign.
Having a turf field planned for football field helped the alumni board to make the decision to try to raise the funds needed to make all of the new fields turf fields and to create stadium seating, press boxes, etc. for the fields. To help with this effort, the alumni association recently announced the Big Red 1000 campaign hoping to attract 1000 alumni of the school to donate $1000 each which would generate another $1,000000!
           Now, the Lamar High School Alumni Association would like to invite all parents, grandparents, or friends to participate in this effort to raise the funds needed. We hope many of the parents will want to participate so that their students will get the benefit of wonderful new playing fields during their time at Lamar. There are three ways in which to donate: 1) donate $1000 to become one of the Big Red 1000 donors, 2) donate $25, $50, or more up to $1000 for a general donation, 3) or choose one of the Naming Opportunities listed below for the original building, the new academic wing, or the new athletic wing.
If you are interested in helping, please go to Lamarhsalumni.com and follow the directions to the donation forms.  The alumni association is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, donations are tax deductible.

Click the following attachment for giving opportunities:

 NL Recognized Giving Opportunities Capital Campaign II 2019_.docx