Interim STAAR Assessments

We will administer Interim STAAR Assessments to English 1, English 2, and Algebra 1 first-time testers next week. Students who are testing will report to their testing location at 8:30 AM. Rosters will be posted in the 9th/10th grade hallways.

Attendance will be taken by the testing roster for 1st/5th periods.

Not testing students will report to their regular class at 8:30 AM. Any floater classes that are in the testing neighborhoods (with non-testing students) will be relocated.


Test Dates and Locations-




English 1

January 16 (B)

9th grade plus 10A

English 2

January 17 (A)

10th grade plus 9B

Algebra 1

January 18 (B)

9th grade







Altered Bell Schedule-

Altered Bell Schedule

January 16, 17, 18

8:30 – 10:30

1st/5th period

10:37 – 11:45

2nd / 6th period

11:45 – 12:48


12:55 – 2:28

3rd/7th period

2:35 – 4:10

4th/8th period











Lamar Testing Calendar