Big Red 1,000

Howard Tellepsen, Lamar 1962, has just issued a CHALLENGE GRANT of $100,000!  Howard will donate $1,000 for every $1,000 donated by alumni, parents or friends.  Join the BIG RED 1000 TODAY!
Thanks to the 2012 HISD Bond Issue, Lamar has gotten a new 21st century wing that houses 16 neighborhoods and science laboratories, and a wonderful new gym and swimming pool.
But the Bond Issue doesn't cover everything!
When the three older buildings in the back are torn down and the old parking lot is removed, there will be space for FIVE new sports fields.  At last, there will be space for field hockey, golf, lacrosse, soccer, and softball to practice on campus!
The approved plans for the new fields call for grass and sprinklers only.  We want our new fields to have scoreboards, dugouts, press boxes and stadium seating.  If we are willing to raise the additional funds needed, our students can all that.
The Lamar High School Alumni Association has started a fund to pay for these additional amenities.  We are calling it the Big Red 1000 Fund.  We need 1000 alumni and parents to each donate $ 1,000.  This will give us the additional funds we need.
And better yet---
Howard Tellepsen, of Tellepsen Construction Company, Lamar Class of 1962 has issued a Challenge Grant of $100, 000!
So go online at and make your donation today for the Big Red 1000.  You can put your name or children's names on the plaque that will be put up in the new building!
Your donations can be designated for the sport in which your student participates.  We will record the donation for each sport.
If you can't pledge $1,000, donate what you can.  Help us get the first $100,000 so Howard Tellepsen will donate the next $100,000!
Checks can be mailed to the Lamar High School Alumni Association:
3325 Westheimer, Houston, TX 77098
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We want beautiful new fields with all the amenities