This year we have built in a time during the day for students to take advantage of the many resources available to them on campus. It is meant to be a time when students can get extra help from teachers, work with groups on projects, or simply take care of their business.
We are finding however that some parents may be confused about how the time works and I want to clarify for you the expectations we have for students.  TTM is a required period in the day, and is identified on the schedule as Guidance.  If your child is being marked absent, it is probably not a mistake on the teacher’s part, but is more likely that your child is not attending.
I am working with administrators to make sure we are cracking down on students who are skipping TTM, and we need your help. Please monitor your child’s attendance in TTM and all class periods through Parent Student Connect. Ensure your child knows your expectation to attend all class periods and TTM.  And don’t hesitate to reach out to your child’s AP if you have questions about attendance.
 Remember, safety is a top priority, and your child needs to be where they are supposed to be.