All School Musical : The Crack of Doom or : How I Learned to Love the Meteor

Do you love to sing, dance or act? Then we need you to join us for the American Premium of this year's All-School Musical The Crack of Doom or: How I Learned to Love the Meteor. Join us for an information meeting on Friday, October 15 in the Black Box during Lunch, and auditions will be October 18th and callbacks will be October 19th. 

Here is a short synopsis of this year's show.

One day in the not-so distant future, news hits that a giant meteor is heading towards Earth and will strike in 24 hours. Students residing in a co-ed dorm at a prestigious Canadian university receive the terrible news, and each reacts in a different way. While some seek to find a way to stop the disaster or escape impending doom, others try to make the most of what little time they have left. This nearly-ridiculous but highly entertaining dark-comedy features such songs as “It’s Literally The End Of The World”, “Space Ghosts”, “Love Pentagon” and “Inside”- the beautiful-but-useless ‘I want song’ performed by the wistful Nancy.