Clear Bag Policy for 2022-2023 School Year

The Clear Bag Policy


In an effort to improve the safety measures currently in place, Lamar will require all students to use clear backpacks.  Students participating in an extracurricular activity are permitted to carry non-transparent bags to store items pertaining to their particular activity (i.e. band, athletics, etc.). Upon entry into the school, all extracurricular activity bags must be stored in lockers or designated areas. All bags are subject to search. A small non-transparent bag no larger than 4”x4” will be allowed for personal items inside the backpack. Additionally, the maximum size for non-transparent bags that are permitted to carry during the school day, such as lunch kits, and purses, will be 6” x 9”x5”.  


Can backpacks be Mesh?
No mesh backpacks are allowed.

Will backpacks with padded backs be accepted?
The backpack must have clear visibility through all dimensions excluding the backpack bottom.

Are transparent-colored backpacks allowed?
No. Colored, transparent backpacks are not allowed (see example). Only fully clear backpacks are permitted.

Can the backpack have colored straps?
Yes. The backpack may have colored straps.

Will athletic/spirit bags and instrument cases, which are not clear, be allowed on campus?

Yes, however, these bags must be stored as soon as the student arrives at school. They must be placed in lockers or secured in fine arts classrooms or athletic locker rooms as designated by school instructors.

Can the clear backpacks have mesh pockets?

Yes, mesh side pockets are allowed on the clear backpacks.