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HISD Transportation -

  • Families need to request transportation every year.  The assignments do not roll over from the previous year.
  • Once the request is made, it may take as long as 2-3 weeks from the date of the request for the transportation department to add a student to the roster if they qualify for the service. Please note, not all zoned or transfer students are eligible for transportation.  Please arrange for an alternative form of transportation for your child until you are notified by HISD Transportation Services with your child’s route number and bus stop information.
  • The HISD Transportation department creates the routes and assigns the bus stops based on the student demographic page and their primary address listed at Lamar.  Lamar staff members do not have the ability to add a stop to a route or change your child’s route assignment. All bus stops are determined by the Transportation department and students are only permitted to ride their assigned routes.
  • If you have questions and would like to know if your child has been assigned to a bus route, please reach out to your child’s neighborhood clerk by grade level.
  • If you need to speak to someone in HISD Transportation Services, please call 713-613-3040.
  • Should you experience a problem with your route, you may contact Ms. Lawrence at or Dr. Cain at 


Garage Parking Permit - 

If you missed the deadline to apply for a parking permit, you may still do so to be placed on the waitlist.  We expect to begin calling from the waitlist late next week.  You may do so at


Schedule Change Requests - 

Students will have one last opportunity to submit a schedule change request if they have a problem with their schedule. Listen to announcements and watch social media for more information on Thursday of this week.  **A note for seniors - we cannot guarantee off campus periods.


Dress Code -

Students should be in dress code daily.  Families who are experiencing financial hardship may request assistance through our Wrap Around Specialists. You may contact them at or

To download a copy of our Dress Code please visit


School Store Hours -

The school store will be open Monday from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.  The store accepts cash, credit or debit.


Meal Service - 

HISD Nutrition Services will continue to deliver free breakfast and lunch service at Lamar.  Breakfast is served from carts throughout the building for easy access.  Lunch will be available through the Neighborhood Food Distribution areas.



The IT team has been working diligently to get students who did not pick up their laptops prior to the start of school their laptops. Laptops have been handed out during lunch in the Grand Hall and the IT team has been traveling to Neighborhoods to help get our students' laptops as quickly as possible. To pick up the laptop students must have the two forms signed by a guardian and have a copy of their receipt of the laptop insurance.

** No personal laptops are allowed on campus. All students must have the HISD device.**

Laptop Forms and Insurance payment

Insurance Link


Form Link


If a student's laptop gets lost or stolen the student needs to report the laptop to the IT team within 24 hours. If a laptop is lost on campus the student will report the laptop missing to the IT office and the IT team will work with our HISD police to get a report number. If the laptop is lost off campus then the student will need to get a police report from the police of that town. For example, if a student's laptop get stolen in the city of Austin the student would get a police report number from the Austin Police department and they would bring that report number to the IT office.



If you are having trouble accessing or setting up your PowerSchool account please reach out to your Parent Engagement Rep they can assist you.

9th Grade

Janet Trevino

10th Grade--

Gregory White

11th Grade

Ruby Rapalo

12th Grade

Tamia O’Banner



HISD moved to a new Learning Management System (LMS) over the summer. This new LMS comes with many enhancements that will make the learning process easier for our students. We linked some videos that will be helpful for students and parents on the Lamar webpage that will get students and parents feel more comfortable with some of the new features.

We know with a transition there is always hiccup that arises and Canvas is not an exception to that. We are working on resolving issues some students are having with Canvas and hope to have all the issues resolved by Monday 8.29.22. If your student is still having issues after Monday 8.29.22 please reach out to the IT team at .

If a student has made a request to change their schedule and it was approved it could take up to 48 hours to populate on Canvas after the update was made to the student schedule.

To access Canvas student can go to [] .

Technology Office

The technology office is located in N215 ( The historical building 2nd floor).

The IT office is open most days from 7:50- first bell, lunch, and from 9 AM -3:45 PM. From 9 AM until 3:45 students must have a pass from their teacher and must be in dress code. For tech support please email: