Enterprise accounting consists of Food Service, Business Development and Medicaid Finance.

Food Service

The Food Service Fund is used to account for the financial operations of the breakfast and lunch programs offered by the District. The District operates several hundred school lunchrooms serving over 100,000 meals daily. For over twenty-five years, the District has participated in the National School Lunch and Breakfast programs which are federal programs to provide partial reimbursement of the cost of meals served to children. The remaining costs of preparing and serving these meals are paid by the students and staff. The District also participates in the summer food program, which is funded by the Texas Department of Human Services.

Business Development

The Business Development Fund is used to account for the financial operations of the District's Marketing Office. The Marketing Office was organized in early 2002 to help develop and coordinate the District's efforts in marketing and the sale of goods and services to other school districts. Primary relationships between HISD and other school districts are through cooperative purchasing programs or interlocal agreements, both of which are statutorily authorized ways for governmental entities to acquire goods or services.  Activities involve the marketing and development of business relationships, both directly related to district products, such as the CLEAR curriculum and also to products/services developed through vendor/HISD partnerships, such as lighting retrofit and JOC programs. The Marketing Office also assists other HISD departments, such as Staff Development and Virtual Schools, in their marketing efforts. The office manages contracts related to marketing and sales activities and participates actively in the development of entrepreneurial approaches to securing funding for various innovative district activities.

Medicaid Finance

The Medicaid Fund is used to account for the financial operation of special reimbursement programs offered by the District. For several years, the District has participated in a Medicaid reimbursement program, which is a federal program to provide partial reimbursement for health care services provided to eligible children. The District currently provides Medicaid advisory services to over 200 Texas school districts.