Internal Service

Internal Service Accounting manages funds for the Print Shop, Health Insurance, Worker's Compensation and the general Internal Service Fund.

Print Shop

The Print Shop Fund is used to account for all the printing and distribution activities of the District's two print shop facilities. Schools and departments are charged for the costs of printing and distribution requests. During non-peak times, the Print shop takes in work from other governmental agencies requiring assistance during their peak periods. The District also has reciprocal agreements with other governmental agencies in the event a backlog of jobs is experienced by District users.

Health Insurance

The Health Insurance Fund is used to account for the health insurance plan administered by the District. The plan is premium based which requires the District and its employees to share the cost. The District contributes approximately 56.32% of the annual cost of the plan, with employees paying for the remaining 43.68%.

Workers' Compensation

The Workers' Compensation Fund is used to account for risk financing activities related to the workers' compensation program. All employees of the District are covered by this plan for injuries occurring on the job. The District contributes 100% of the funding of this program.

Internal Services Fund

The Internal Services Fund is used to account for the fee-for-services offered by the District to serve the specific needs of schools and departments.  The Professional Development, Alternative Certification, Athletics, Regional Offices, UIL and Media Services programs are accounted for within this fund.