Update on the New Teacher Appraisal System

In HISD, we know the success of our students begins with our teachers. We are excited to be implementing our new Teacher Appraisal System in an effort to ensure an effective teacher in every classroom. This is a very ambitious but promising appraisal system that will allow the district to better evaluate our teachers and provide them with thorough feedback and training throughout the year.

The success of this new system hinges on the combined efforts of our staff, teachers, administrators, and our newest teacher development specialists. The teacher development specialist is a new position created this year to provide teachers with job-embedded support that aligns with the new appraisal system.

Extensive training is under way to ensure the smoothest transition into this new system. Our summer training plan begins with our teacher development specialists. Their training includes five days learning the new appraisal and development system and the instructional practice rubric. These specialists also will learn best practices for coaching teachers in a way that results in improvements in student outcomes.

The teacher development specialists will have the knowledge to provide strong training for their teachers that is tailored to their content areas. They will be fully trained on our literacy plan and curriculum. They will also support teachers in making data-driven decisions.

We're taking a rigorous approach to training that will foster a culture of constant learning and development in our district. We are committed to ensuring that everyone has the development opportunities necessary to reach the goals that we all have for our students.