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  • principal Joseph Williams, Principal 

    Phone: 713-671-3900

    Thank you for your interest in Wheatley High and welcome to our website. Whether you are a member of our school community or exploring Wheatley for the first time, we hope that you find our website informative, enjoyable, and easy to use. We also hope our website conveys the essence of the wonderful learning environment fostered by our dedicated teachers and talented students. Together they make Wheatley the unique and special place we believe it to be.  Read more...

    Attendance Policy for Virtual Learning

    All students whether participating in live classes or recorded classes, must check in with their teacher daily by submitting an assignment on the HUB, emailing with questions or scheduling a meeting with the teacher during tutorial time in order to be counted present for the class. Students are still required to be in class 90% of the time to receive credit for the course. High School students who have not logged in or connected with their teachers by 3:30 pm will be marked absent.

    • This absence can be resolved if the student engages in daily learning assigned by their teachers via the HUB by 11:59 pm that same day. Parents and students will receive absence notifications via School Messenger after 6:00 pm each day and will be reminded of the opportunity to resolve that day’s absence if the student engages in learning before 11:59 pm of the same day via the HUB. Any absences recorded but resolved by the student before 11:59 pm on the same day, will be reconciled based on login records of the HUB.


    • If a student is engaged in remote learning and completes the entire weeks’ worth of learning activities on Monday and does not log in for the remainder of the week, he/she will be marked “present” on Monday only and counted “absent” for Tuesday-Friday.


    Wheatley Grading Practice


    1. All grades are to be directly linked to student mastery on specific standards.


    1. Grades are to be entered in PowerTeacher Pro on a weekly basis and students are to receive two grades per week per class.


    1. To ensure consistent grading practice across classes, where two or more teachers are instructing the same course, common assessments are to be taken for a grade and must be the same.


    1. For all class assignments and formative assessments, if a student requests an opportunity to make up or redo the assignment or formative assessment, the teacher shall comply as long as the request is made within one week of when the grade was recorded in PowerTeacher Pro. The previous grade is be replaced with up to an .


    1. Students shall not be given the opportunity to make up or redo homework unless they are absent.



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