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A special message from Max Moll


To more effectively share your respective department's work with our stakeholders, our Communications team has developed a more streamlined way to manage projects, messaging, and communication opportunities.

In practicing cross-departmental teamwork and mindfulness, we ask that you:

  1. Submit all requests for multimedia, digital, graphics, and written project needs to the new Communications Support Form at Not only does this provide more visibility for both you and the Communications team on project status and turnaround timeline, but it reinforces a fair first come, first serve process expectation. Requests for prioritization must be approved directly by the Chief Engagement Officer and is based on overall organizational needs.
  2. Expect to discuss and determine request completion timelines with a project manager who will help assess the communications support needed. As the Communications team diligently works through projects as quickly as they can, priorities may temporarily shift to fulfill bigger organizational needs. The team will always strive to adhere to the agreed-upon timeline, but circumstances may require timeline adjustment
  3. Understand that depending on the nature of your request, other stakeholders may be asked to review or support the project. Should this happen, we will communicate that with you. This collaboration may require adjustment of the overall project timeline.
  4. Understand that while you can discuss projects directly with Communications team members, the project will not be officially added to the queue until you submit the request. We do this so that the managers within the Communications teams and their leadership can decide who can best fulfill the ask.

This is an exciting time as our teams work together under a centralized communications effort to ensure that HISD's brand, messaging, and communications opportunities are strong and unified.

Thank you all for your partnership in this effort.


Max Moll
Max Moll
Chief Community Engagement Officer