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12 Days of Code 12 Days of Code

HISD is celebrating computer science with the 12 Days of Code in December, and we want you to join the fun!

Coding helps students solve problems, use logic, and think creatively, and it gives them a foundation for success in 21st-century careers.

  1. Choose the coding calendar below that matches your grade level and engage in a new coding experience on each of the 12 Days of Code. The activities on these calendars are online and unplugged and include designing an iPhone game, tracking Santa, decoding messages with cryptography, animating text and more!
  2. Once you complete an hour of code, click here to get your certificate of completion.
  3. Post a certificate selfie or a picture of coding activities at your school on social media using #HISDecoded.



High School Coding Activities

  • Online activity Device needed!
  • |
  • Unplugged activity
  • Device not needed!

    Did you complete an hour of code?
    Click below to print your certificate!

    NOTE: You only have to complete ONE hour of Code to receive a certificate!

    For more information contact Academic Instructional Technology