One FIERCE Pathway; Two Roads to Success


    All Eastwood Academy students begin their pathway with AP Computer Science Principles).

     Freshmen will take AP Computer Science Principles. 

    • Class Wiki, gaming, design software and several key aspect of understanding the computer inside out.

     Sophomores will take robotics. 

    • 10th grade students will learn about circuitry and programing through this course.

    Junior year, students choose to specialize in either engineering or digital forensics.


    • An adventure through several of the highest demanding job market careers.
    • Explorations in aerodynamics, mechanical, industrial/construction and robotic engineering will allow students to Learn While Doing.
    • Engineering logs, architectural scales, dimensional design wrapped in in critical thinking projects will enhance the high school learning experience.
    • Senior year will challenge students to design and implement their personal area of interest culminating in a final project presentation.
    • Industry partners will provide guidance as well as the opportunity to be certified in OSHA 30 safety.  

    Digital Forensics

    • Cyber security and digital forensics teach real world skills to prepare students to face the 21st Century with relevant tools for success in a digital society.
    • Learn to defend systems against hackers and malicious software.
    • Practice skills in national competitions against hundreds of high school students from Canada and the United States.
    • Students are placed in real world scenarios that allow them to be digital detectives and computer crime solvers.
    • 80% of all white collar crime is digital, so this is a very high-end field in great demand. Computer forensic specialists can work for police, FBI, Department of Defense, lawyers, and as private investigators.