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  • Vanessa Saldana

    Vanessa Saldaña, Principal

    Phone: 713-802-4700

    At Hogg Middle School our mission is to collaborate as a community of learners to transform students into educated, creative, innovative, global citizens.  We aim to ignite and nurture the potential of each student and learner to become the best expression of him or herself.

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  • Absences

    Daily attendance is mandatory by the state of Texas. Hogg Middle School is required to follow these guidelines regarding truancy. Absences before or after a holiday are not excused without proper illness documentation.

    • High School Credit classes will not be awarded credit for absences in excess of 10%.
    • STEM magnet transfers may not be renewed the following year due to excessive absences.
    • Three or more unexcused absences or partial absences within a grading period will result in a truancy contract.

    Uniform Policy

    School uniforms can improve learning by reducing distractions, sharpening focus on schoolwork and making the classroom a more serious environment, allowing students to perform better academically. In addition, uniforms give students a sense of belonging, a feeling of equality; they provide an opportunity for mutual growth and create an identity for the school in the community. The following policy can only be successfully managed with parental support. 


    Properly Fitted Polo Style Shirts - 6th Grade Red, 7th Grade Gray, 8th Grade Black  

    Jackets must be red, grey or black and free of all writing.

    Absolutely no hoodies, jackets or sweatshirts with hoods will be permitted.


    Navy or khaki uniform pants (fitted at the waist).  Navy or khaki uniform skirts (knee length).  Jeans (Fitted at the waist and free of holes and designs.  Jeggings and jean shorts are not permitted.)

    Athletic shoes or closed toe shoes

    On Fridays, students may wear a Hogg spirit shirt or college shirt. Otherwise, students are expected to be in uniform on Friday.

    Leaving Early

    Students leaving early must be signed out by a parent.  After the 3rd time within a grading period, parents will meet with a grade level administrator.

    Cellphone Policy

    Students are NOT permitted to use personal cellphones, tablets, laptops, or any other digital devices at any time while on campus or during school-sponsored events. Digital devices used during school hours will be confiscated, held in a locked safe within the Main Office (203), and returned subject to a $15 fine, per HISD policy. For more information regarding HISD cellphone usage policies, consult the Student Code of Conduct at www.houstonisd.org/codeofconduct.

    Food and Lunch Policy

    As a part of Hogg's Title I status, free lunch is available to all students regardless of need. Students may eat the lunch provided by HISD or pack their own lunch from home. Parents are not permitted to drop lunch off for their child at school. Parents are welcome to bring lunch to eat with your child on his/her birthday, but lunch may not be dropped off for your child. Parents may share special foods such as cakes, cookies or cupcakes for their child on their birthday. However, these items cannot be shared with other students because of potential allergy or other health risks.

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