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    Traci Lightfoot, Principal

     Tracy Lightfoot, Principal 
     Phone: 713-746-8260

     To all of our students and families,

     I arrived at Foster Elementary School in 2017 with pride, open arms, and a commitment to every student. I am a   global leader of a college ready and culturally responsive           student. My committment to an inquiry rich learning environment strives to provide active, exploration that prompt questions about our society and the natural world. We wish       for students to experience learning that develops academic competance and inspires action to impact change in our world. Will this work be easy? Change seldom is, but the           opportunities are endless as we embark upon education through the International Baccalaureate. I am very proud of the quality work that comes from our exceptional school           staff and the sense of family that permiates throughout our building!  We lay claim to be accountable citizens of the world, owning our choices and welcome those who wish to   partner in the biggest investment we have; our children. We will continue to embrace the opportunity to help guide and show our students the way to success and a bright and   promising future through the IB Primary Years Programme!  Ms. Traci Lightfoot

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