• Our Mission Statement:

    At James H. Law we believe in cultivating every student to become global leaders of tomorrow. We will set high expectations, provide effective instructional practices and social emotional support within a safe enviorment. 

    Through the collaborative efforts of mutual students/ teacher learning, parental involment and community support our students will achieve success. 

    Our Programs:

    Law Elementary provides programs that challenge and enforce expectations of our students academic performances. Students are provided with opportunities to engage them in rigorous lessons. Using scientific-based curriculum and hands-on experiences the minds of our students grow as well as their curiosity. Thus propelling their minds to become future leaders and achievers. 

    The History of James H. Law Elementary School:

    James H. Law served HISD for 29 years. As a popular athletics director and coach at various schools, and founder of Principal's and Classroom Teacher's Association of Houston. James H. Law was a huge contributor to many impleimentations that propelled many young learns foward with his foundation. After his passing in 1966, our campus was opened in honor of his memory the year Law died.