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  • Dress Code

    • HISD allows each individual campus to establish its own dress code or uniform policy. The goal of a dress code is to ensure that students stay focused on learning and to create a positive and safe environment. We appreciate parent and student support in upholding our dress code. Violations of the dress code policy may result in disciplinary action. Please note that our school administration has the final authority for decisions regarding the dress code. Please click here to see our uniform requirements.


    Greetings Parents and Guardians,


    The faculty and staff of Thompson Elementary School expect students to come to school each day dressed appropriately to ensure a focus on learning and to preserve the health and safety of everyone on campus. Each student’s appearance should always reflect a positive image of the school while on campus or during school-related activities off-site. Our campus values and needs the support of parents in upholding our dress code. The following guidelines outline appropriate dress for all students:


    Standard uniform pants, shorts, skirts, skorts, or jumpers in khaki, navy blue, black, or denim jeans (Fridays Only).

    • Cargo, jogging, sweat, athletics, and leggings are not
    • Trousers must be worn at the waist
    • Underwear may not be visible above the waistband of the
    • Belts must be worn if


    Students have assigned colors by grade level to support with safety and immediate recognition of student in correct or incorrect locations. We have a large building and our youngest students in PK and Kinder enter and exit buildings with buddies. The colors support us to make sure we always prioritize safety. HOODS CANNOT BE WORN IN THE BUILDING. STUDENTS THAT FAIL TO ADHERE TO THIS POLICY, WILL LOSE THE PRIVLEDGE TO WEAR HOODIES.

    Additionally, Thompson Spirit Shirts, School Club Shirts, or College Shirts can be worn on Fridays of each week with the corresponding bottoms listed above. Please review for the colors below by grade level.





     Safe shoes must be always worn and must be appropriate for all school activities

    • For safety reasons, sandals, opened toed, or backless shoes are not allowed
    • Additionally, tennis shoes with wheels are not permitted
    • Crocs are not permitted at Thompson ES


    • Students should not wear jewelry that is distracting or


    New students:

    Students who come to Thompson after the school year has started will have two weeks to follow dress code requirements.

    Dress codes are implemented to promote school safety and minimize distractions. Please see the Student Code of Conduct for actions that may be taken for disregarding the school dress code. Students who fail to comply with the standards may be warned, sent home to change, or provided an alternate article of clothing if available. Excessive disregard to follow the dress code has additional discretionary consequences that an administration can enforce.

    Families requiring support for dress code assistance, can contact Thompson’s Wraparound Resource Specialist, Ms. Cassandra Brooks at


    Thank You,

    Thompson Administration