• Open Library
    Monday-Friday 7:40-8:30 (at teacher's discretion)
    Open library is available for all students.  During open library, students come independently to the library to quickly return and check out a new book.  They may also take AR tests during this time.  During special events, open library will be closed.
    Class Library Visits
    Every week, each class has a scheduled library visit.  All students may return and check out books during this time and take AR quizzes.  Students also take part in a lesson on library skills, a read aloud with the librarian or have time to work on research projects.
    Accelerated Reader (AR) 
    Accelerated Reader (AR) is a comprehension and motivational tool utilized at Oak Forest.  
    Teachers are able to use the assessment portion of the Accelerated Reader program to monitor student progress and guide instruction.  These reports are sent home throughout the year.
    After throughly reading a book, students are welcome to take an AR test.  These tests provide students with instant feedback on their comprehension of the book.  These tests also earn students points to earn awards from the library.
    Accelerated Reader is designed to encourage students to improve and excel.  The only person a student is competing against is themself.  Some students are naturally inclined to read and take quizzes; they will earn many AR points.  Others are not motivated by this system - this is OK.  Your child's classroom teacher will ensure that they are testing enough to get data needed to guide instruction and help them grow as a reader.
    Name That Book and 2x2 
    Each fall, classroom teachers nominate 2 students to take part in the Name That Book (grades 3-5) or 2x2 (K-2) teams.  Students meet once a week in the library to read, think critically and develop their team spirit.  The final competition teams, which are limited to 6 members and one alternate, will be determined in spring based on participation throughout the year, book knowledge and sportsmanship.  The final teams represent Oak Forest during the district wide Name That Book competition.
    Fines and Late Fees
    Late fees are never charged to students, parents or staff.  
    If library materials are lost or damaged, students will be asked to pay a replacement/damage fee.  
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