• What is Istation?

    Istation is an internet-based reading assessment and intervention tool. All HISD students in grades K-8 are assessed three times per year. All students in grades 3-5 have access to the intervention component of Istation. Students in grades 6-8 in tier III are to enroll in the Secondary Reading and Writing (SRW) course. Istation serves as the universal screener for students, and results may be considered for Response to Intervention (RTI) purposes.
    Assessment Schedule 2016-2017
    Istation is the HISD universal screener as well as a progress monitoring tool for reading. Each month that a student logs in, a computer-generated assessment is administered.  Istation's computer-adaptive assessments, known as ISIP™, integrates testing reflective of a student’s reading ability and measures growth over time in various literacy components.
    • Beginning of Year (BOY): September 6-23, 2016
    • Middle of Year (MOY): December 6, 2016 - January 13, 2017
    • End of Year (EOY): May 1-19, 2017

    The required assessments for all students in grades K-8 will be administered using the following schedule: 

    Istation can be accessed using your HISD credentials using single sign-on at https://secure.istation.com/Account/LogOn
    Thurgood Marshall School code is  thugood.houston.tx.
    or you can download the program at http://www.istation.com/install
    School Code:  thurgood.houston.tx  
    Student login:   The child's teacher has the individual logins