Upcoming SDMC Meeting Dates

  •  Meeting Dates:  Meeting Time and Location:
     Wednesday, September 25, 2019  3:15 pm in the library
     Wednesday, November 20, 2019  3:15 pm in the library
     Wednesday, February 19, 2020  3:15 pm in the library
     Thursday, May 7, 2020  3:15 pm in the library

SDMC Committee Members

First Name Last Name Position Term Expiration
Cindy Tiet Principal N/A
Dawn Ceaser School-based Staff June 2021
Lisa Viktorin School-based Staff June 2021
Cathleen Narsete Classroom Teacher June 2021
Cynthia Nwosa Classroom Teacher June 2021
Maria Perez Classroom Teacher June 2020
Faheemah Rhodes-Brooks Classroom Teacher June 2020
Ava Morrison Non-instructional Staff June 2021
Irv White Community Member June 2021
Kristina Norris PTO President June 2020
Sarah Knowles PTO Member June 2020
Roland Martinez Business Representative June 2020
MaDolores Lazaro Special Education Teacher June 2020
  • Non-voting Members

    • Alecia McMillian, Assistant Principal
    • Dewayne Grigsby, Teacher Specialist
    • Nancy Salinas, Counselor
    • Classroom Teacher Backup: Judy Armes

SDMC Minutes

SDMC Sign in Sheets