Activities Around Campus


     Young Scholars Academy for Excellence (YSAFE) has a Child Development Center which is open to Infants through Eighth Graders.    Our Center is

    •  Four Star Texas Rising Star Facility
    •  Monitoring Plan 3 (Highest Rated Plan) - with Texas Department of Protective Regulatory Services

     We utilize experienced, degreed staff to provide a safe and nurturing environment   that promotes the physical, social, emotional and cognitive development of young   children. Our highly professional and highly tenured staff provides unsurpassed   quality in the Childhood Development Center. Our Creative Curriculum, is used to   promote:

    • Problem Solving Skills
    • Large and Small Motor Development
    • Visual, Auditory and Sensory Stimulation

    Our Infants Page and our Toddlers Page  have additional information about our programs and how to enroll your young child. 


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