• Families that are currently enrolled in a Pre-K program at one of 7 Pre-K magnet schools do not need to re-apply for Kindergarten. Magnet Pre-K students automatically roll into Kindergarten without additional applications or further action from parents.

    Families attending a neighborhood Pre-K program (any Pre-K program not listed above) must apply to a Kindergarten program of choice by 11:59pm 11-18-21





logo   Arabic Immersion Magnet School Rolla Elsaiary
  Phone: 713-556-8940 | 713-556-8944 (fax)
  Address: 4001 Stanford, Houston, TX 77006
  Magnet Thursday:Website
logo   Baker Montessori Krystal Perkins
  Phone: 713-942-1470 | 713-942-1472 (fax)
  Address: 2100 Yupon Houston, TX 77006-1830
  Magnet Thursday:Website
logo   Blackshear Elementary Andrea Landry
  Phone: 713-942-1481 | 713-942-1486 (fax)
  Address: 2900 Holman Houston, TX 77004-3240
  Magnet Thursday:
logo   Garden Oaks Montessori Laura Aasletten
  Phone: 713-696-2930 | 713-696-2932 (fax)
  Address: 901 Sue Barnett Houston, TX 77018-5415
  Magnet Thursday:Website
logo   Helms Elementary Julie Hernandez
  Phone: 713-867-5130 | 713-867-5133 (fax)
  Address: 503 West 21st Street Houston, TX 77008-1943
  Magnet Thursday:Website
logo   Mandarin Immersion Magnet School Xian Xia
  Phone: 713-295-5276 | 713-662-3527 (fax)
  Address: 5445 W. Alabama, 77056-2622
  Magnet Thursday:Join a meeting
logo   Wharton K-8 Dual Language Syreeta Lazarus
  Phone: 713-535-3771 | 713-535-3772 (fax)
  Address: 900 West Gray Houston, TX 77019-4226
  Magnet Thursday:Website